Remembering David Bowie

Remembering David Bowie
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On January 11 we lost one of the great icons of pop, David Bowie. His music career spanned several decades and his influence reached well beyond the pop genre.

In 1978 Bowie collaborated with the Philadelphia Orchestra, narrating Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. Their performance was well-received, Joe Viglione of describing it as a "splendid…remarkable and well-crafted project."

Released in 1992, Philip Glass's The "Low" Symphony was inspired by 'Low,' the 1977 record by Bowie and Brian Eno. Using the same record as reference four years later, Glass's Symphony No. 4 — Heroes, is also inspired by the efforts of Bowie and Eno to expand the definition of what constitutes pop music and rock and roll.

Bowie's music had an indelible impact on the classical and pop music we listen to today. We hope his music has an impact on you.

Philip Glass and David Bowie Discuss 'The "Low" Symphony'

Classical Collaborations with David Bowie

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