Karawane premiere at the Baltic Sea Festival

Karawane premiere at the Baltic Sea Festival
The 2015 Baltic Sea Festival will feature the Swedish premiere of Esa-Pekka Salonen’s Karawane on the August 27 in Stockholm, Sweden. Salonen himself will be conducting the combined forces of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Radio Choir and Mikaeli Chamber Choir, with the work sandwiched between two works by fellow Scandinavian giant Sibelius.

First performed in Zurich in 2014, Karawane sets a piece of ‘lautpoesie’ (or ‘sound poetry’) by Hugo Ball, founder of the Dada movement and author of the Dada manifesto. The short piece of text consists of seventeen lines of synthetic language, where the individual word sounds themselves evoke vivid and individual images. Salonen says “I began to imagine a circus, lost in time and space, going in endless slow motion through the strange landscape to the next performance with or without crowds, with no other goal than to keep moving. (I think most musicians after a few decades down the road can relate to the idea)."

Salonen’s upcoming engagements include the Czech premiere of his LA Variations with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, two performances of Foreign Bodies by the Tero Saarinen Company and the New West Symphony, and his Macao debut with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra.
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