Southbank Sky Arts Awards success for King Charles III and Lest We Forget

Southbank Sky Arts Awards success for King Charles III and Lest We Forget
Two stage works with incidental music composed by Chester Music composer Jocelyn Pook received top recognition from the Southbank Sky Arts Awards when their winners of the Dance and Theatre categories were announced ahead of the ceremony itself this week.

After a hugely successful run beginning in September 2014, Mark Bartlett’s Olivier Award-winning play King Charles III extended its West End run into January 2015, relocating to the Wyndham’s Theatre. Not only were performances regularly sold out but the play’s critical reception was equally enthusiastic. The Telegraph urged that ‘attendance is compulsory’. Matthew Amer, writing for the Official London Theatre publication, pointed to Pook’s contribution as a particular highlight: “Jocelyn Pook’s stunning score… [combines] the Shakespearean and the modern with an alchemy that creates theatrical gold.”

English National Ballet’s Lest We Forget in 2014 brought together a number of dance works by Akhram Kahn, Russell Maliphant, Liam Scarlett, and George Williamson to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Choreographer Akhram Kahn and Jocelyn Pook’s Dust draws upon the haunting archive recording of Edward Dwyer, a corporal in the British army, who talks about his life as a soldier in 1916. Once again Pook’s music struck a chord with audience member and critic alike. “Jocelyn Pook’s new score is perfectly in tune with the dance, her beautiful melodies astride a train of thrilling percussion.” - Debra Craine, The Times.

Chester Music’s Sir Peter Maxwell-Davies and the London Symphony Orchestra were also awarded Best Classical Performance for the composer’s Symphony No.10.

The Southbank Arts Awards 2015 can be viewed live on Sky Arts on Wednesday 10th June at 8pm.

To view to the complete list of winners for all categories selected by the Southbank Arts Awards panel, please follow this link.

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