Manyworlds - Premier recordings of Wallin works released on CD + Blu-Ray

Manyworlds - Premier recordings of Wallin works released on CD + Blu-Ray
Three premier recordings of orchestral works by Rolf Wallin have been recently released by Ondine. The CD + Blu-Ray includes Wallin's Fisher King trumpet concerto and Manyworlds performed by the Bergen Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the Finnish conductor John Storgårds.

Rolf Wallin is one of the most exciting and versatile composers in Scandinavia. He freely combines computer-generated systems and mathematical formulae with intuitive approaches.

Fisher King is a single-movement concertante piece for trumpet and orchestra completed in 2011 for the Swedish trumpeter Håkan Hardenberger. According to Wallin the work is "about visiting some dark places. Low places ... But it is even more about the hope of transforming that Wasteland into brightness and abundant, flowing energy." Trumpet and orchestra engage in dialogue with one another. The solo voice shifts in tone, alternating between reserved and dominant in character but never relinquishing its sensitivity and vitality of colour. Fisher King is characterized by a fascinating tension between thrilling virtuosity and serene clarity of sound. It is a work that only reveals its true secret in its final moments.

Håkan Hardenberger: “I really think Fisher King sails right up there as one of the great Trumpet concertos. Amazing colours.”

Manyworlds is an extensive work for orchestra with a duration of over 30 minutes. The work was jointly commissioned by the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover. The title of the work refers to the Many-world theory in quantum physics which deals with a very large, perhaps infinite number of parallel universes. Wallin explains: "As a composer I have always thought of music as a universe in which amazing multidimensional and multicoloured sculptures can be created. In my works I have tried to create a few of the infinite possibilities."
The Blu-Ray Audio disc also includes a 2D & 3D Video by Boya Bøckman based on Wallin's Manyworlds.

This work can also be accompanied by a 3D film. For full information on the technical rider for this version, please contact us.

Manyworlds 3D – demo excerpts from Rolf Wallin on Vimeo.

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