The Musician's Guide to the Galaxy

The Musician's Guide to the Galaxy
© Juskteez Vu
The Musician's Guide to the Galaxy

Stars, Moons, Planets, Nebulas! This is your guide to music of the cosmos and the night sky. Fill your ears with heavenly pieces all influenced by space, astronomy, and the celestial bodies of our universe.

Forget Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and let's 'boldly go where no man has gone before'…
Listen on Spotify Anders Brødsgaard
Galaxy (1999) orchestra

Richard Danielpour
Celestial Night (1997) orchestra

John Harbison
Full Moon in March (1977) chamber opera

Aaron Jay Kernis
Brilliant Sky, Infinite Sky (1990) voice and ensemble
Musica Celestis (1990) string orchestra

Poul Ruders
Serenade on the Shores of the Cosmic Ocean (2004) string quartet, accordion

Kaija Saariaho
Asteroid 4179: Toutatis (2005) orchestra
Orion (2002) voice and ensemble
Solar (1993) sinfonietta

Augusta Read Thomas
Dancing Galaxy (2004) orchestra
Silent Moon (2006) violin, viola
Starlight Ribbons (2013) piano

Judith Weir
Moon and Star (1995) chorus and orchestra
Watch on YouTube Terry Riley
Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector (1980) string quartetTerry Riley
Sun Rings (2002) choir, string quartet, NASA tape Joby Talbot
Worlds, Stars, Systems, Infinity (2012) chorus and orchestraJohn Tavener
Song of the Cosmos (2000) chorus and orchestraAugusta Read Thomas
Astral Canticle (2005) flute, violin, orchestraAugusta Read Thomas
Pulsar (2002) violin Judith Weir
Airs from Another Planet (1986) sinfoniettaJudith Weir
Stars, Night, Music and Light (2011) chorus and orchestra
Other Listening Posts PRX Public Radio Exchange
(music begins at 5:35) Avner Dorman
Astrolatry (2011) orchestra
Other Notable Works  Anthony Davis
Under the Double Moon (1989) opera

Roy Harris
Take the Sun and Keep the Stars (1944) men's chorus, winds, and brass

Gunther Schuller
Journey to the Stars (1962) narrator and orchestra

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