Explore Michael Nyman's Orchestral Music

Explore Michael Nyman's Orchestral Music
Michael Nyman
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Throughout his distinguished composing and performing career, many of Michael Nyman's more than 60 orchestral works were recorded and released commercially. Most recent is Symphony No 11: Hillsborough Memorial — a poignant tribute to the 96 fans of the Liverpool Football Club who lost their lives at a 1989 match — with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, mezzo-soprano Kathyrn Rudge, conductor Josep Vicent, and the Liverpool Youth and Training Choirs.

Explore these samples of his orchestra works chosen from currently available recordings. Online scores are available via our OnDemand service.

OrchestraConcert Suite from Prospero's Books (1994)25 Minutesplay buttonDrowning by Numbers for Chamber Orchestra (1998)20 Minutesplay buttonMGV (Musique à Grande Vitesse) (1993)29 Minutesplay buttonString Quartet no.3 (arranged for string orchestra) (1990)16 Minutesplay buttonStrong on Oaks, Strong on the Causes of Oaks (1997)17 Minutesplay buttonSymphony No 2 (2013)26 Minutesplay button Symphony No 5 (2013)20 Minutesplay button  Soloist(s) and orchestraConcerto for Harpsichord and Strings (1995)Harpsichord22 Minutesplay buttonConcerto for Trombone (1995)Trombone22 Minutesplay buttonDouble Concerto for Saxophone, Cello and Orchestra (1997)Saxophone, Cello27 Minutesplay buttonLost and Found (from The Piano) (1993)Saxophone3 Minutesplay buttonOn the Fiddle (1993)Violin or cello15 Minutesplay buttonThe Piano: Concert Suite (2003)Piano20 Minutesplay buttonThe Piano Concerto (1993)Piano32 Minutesplay buttonI Sonetti Lussuriosi (2007)Soprano45 Minutesplay buttonTrysting Fields (from Drowning by Numbers) - string version (1992)Violin, viola6 Minutesplay buttonWhere the Bee Dances (1991)Saxophone20 Minutesplay button  Orchestra and chorusSymphony No 11: Hillsborough Memorial (2014)Soprano, SA children's choir42 Minutesplay button 

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