Eichberg's GLARE at The Royal Opera House

Eichberg's GLARE at The Royal Opera House
© Henning Harms
The Royal Opera House in London has announced that it will stage a new operatic thriller, GLARE, by Søren Nils Eichberg in November 2014.
The libretto has been written by the German poet Hanna Dübgen and the opera will be directed by the American shooting star, Thaddeus Strassberger.

The opera is a psyco-drama chamber-play containing elements of science fiction. It explores the themes of trust and identity. The opera also debates reality and the comprehension of it and the authenticity of experience and emotion. It questions what is real and asks, 'How do we know who we are?'

Eichberg says: "We wanted the language to directly inspire the music and melt together with the personas and their voices completely. So we needed it to be very flexible and natural. But we also wanted it to express the different levels of reality that the protagonists are going through. So, we spent a lot of time getting the details just right."
The score also uses electronics a lot to lead through the variety of perceptions of reality.

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