Terry Riley’s Music Featured in 3 NYC Concerts!

Terry Riley’s Music Featured in 3 NYC Concerts!
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The final week of March offers a diverse choice of Terry Riley concerts in New York City at Juilliard, Carnegie Hall, and (le) Poisson Rouge. From old favorites with a fresh twist to an anticipated sci-fi world premiere, each evening presents a different flavor of this beloved composer who celebrates his 80th come 2015.

March 26-27: The Juilliard Center for Innovation in the Arts

March 28: Carnegie Hall

March 30: (le) poisson rouge

The Juilliard Center for Innovation in the Arts (March 26-27) stages a free multi-media presentation of In C entitled “Beyond the Machine 14.1” for the 50th Anniversary of this landscape-altering work. The performance incorporates music, dance, film, and interactive visual designs, bringing together several Juilliard departments in a fantastic cross-collaboration.

The Kronos Quartet performs the world premiere of Riley's new string quartet The Serquent Risadome at Carnegie Hall (March 28). Commissioned by Carnegie for Kronos' 40th anniversary celebration and based on Riley's futuristic tale Autodaydreamographical Anteriopod, Serquent Risadome marks the 27th score Riley has written for the ensemble in their remarkable three decade relationship.

Finally, Terry Riley himself performs with his son, guitarist Gyan Riley, at (le) Poisson Rouge. In this intimate club space, the father-son duo offers a set of unforgettable works and singular expressions, transcending even familial bonds (March 30).
Terry on Gyan's musicality: "He hears a lot of nuances….He's not only playing the notes. He's shaking them in a certain way."Wall Street Journal
For tickets and more information on these noteworthy performances, click the links above.

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