10th-Anniversary Concert of Corigliano's Grand 'Circus Maximus'

10th-Anniversary Concert of Corigliano's Grand 'Circus Maximus'
© J. Henry Fair
The Michigan State University Wind Symphony will give a 10th-anniversary performance of John Corigliano's massive and daring Symphony No. 3, "Circus Maximus" at Carnegie Hall (February 22).

Circus Maximus is one of the most important pieces written for wind ensemble in our times. Corigliano stretches not only the possibilities of orchestral work but also incorporates the intriguing element of spatial experience, as the audience absorbs this theatrical work while encircled by the musicians.

Corigliano explains how the ancient Roman structure of the Circus Maximus inspired his composition: "The Roman need for grander and wilder amusement grew as its empire declined. The parallels between the high decadence of Rome and our present time are obvious…The shape of my Circus Maximus was built both to embody and to comment on this barbarity."

Corigliano's song cycle set to seven Bob Dylan poems, Mr. Tambourine Man, is also on the program, marking the New York Premiere event of this compelling wind ensemble version.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit Carnegie Hall.

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