Corigliano, Tan Dun, and Tower in New Sharon Isbin Documentary

Corigliano, Tan Dun, and Tower in New Sharon Isbin Documentary
John Corigliano, Tan Dun, and Joan Tower give interviews in a new one-hour documentary about prominent classical guitarist Sharon Isbin. At Isbin's nudging, the composers have written compelling works, expanding the contemporary repertoire for classical guitar. This documentary gives a glimpse into the collaborative and inherent discovery practice that makes the commission process so rich and rewarding for both composer and performer.

Corigliano’s Troubadours: Variations for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra (1993), which inspired the name for the film, lifts flavors from the medieval troubadour tradition while incorporating a range of styles from free variation to chaconne-like progressions. Corigliano achieves a delicate balance between the dramatic and the introspective qualities of the guitar.

Tan Dun’s Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra (Yi2) (1996) draws inspiration from the Spanish Flamenco style. Yet, the piece blends cultural sonic material based on the Chinese Pipa, fusing the two into a contrapuntal synthesis.

Tower composed her duo Snow Dreams (1983) for Isbin and flutist Carol Wincenc more than 30 years ago. Garnering fine reviews and multiple recordings, the piece is now a favorite in the repertoire.

The documentary, produced by Susan Dangel, will be shown at the Bruno Walter Auditorium on April 10. For more information, visit the New York Public Library for Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.

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