Dessner's debut orchestral album released on DG

Dessner's debut orchestral album released on DG
On March 3, Deutsche Grammophon released 'St Carolyn by the Sea', a new album presenting the orchestral music of Bryce Dessner. Performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic and conducted by Andre de Ridder, the album features three of Dessner’s most significant works (St Carolyn by the Sea, Lachrimae and Raphael) as well as Jonny Greenwood’s Suite from “There Will Be Blood”

All three of Dessner's works draw on elements from Baroque and folk music, late Romanticism and modernism, minimalist music and the blues, among others, as well as referencing the work of such legendary figures as John Fahey, La Monte Young, Béla Bartók, Glenn Branca, Benjamin Britten, Morton Feldman, Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Despite this broad spectrum of influences, his voice remains individual and distinct.

Mark Wilkinson, President of DG has said “Bryce Dessner is without doubt one of the most exciting contemporary composers working anywhere in the world today. We welcome his daring, his passion and his unique creative vision to the Yellow Label, and look forward to working with him.”

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