Tan Dun conducts Orchestral Theatre Cycle in Hamburg

Tan Dun conducts Orchestral Theatre Cycle in Hamburg
For the first time in a decade, Tan Dun will conduct his complete Orchestral Theatre Cycle on September 8 with Hamburg Symphoniker. The cycle is a combination of four stunning orchestral works with various solo parts such as Peking Opera singer, Western operatic soprano, Japanese Puppeteer and the audience! Tan Dun's work bridges the gap between the Western concert experience and the traditions from Chinese opera, Asian theatre, and ancient ritual.

The first piece in the series, Orchestral Theatre I uses a variety of sounds and has led to Gramophone Magazine describing it as a "forceful presence, and thereafter heckles, explosions, and sinister interludes combine for a highly combustible 20 minutes." The second and third parts of the cycle, Re and Red Forecast, exemplify Tan Dun's desire to create new, non-traditional roles for the orchestra and the audience.

Finally within the last piece, The Gate, live video features abstracted from the stage action. The Star Tribune wrote: "The Gate is so moving, so beautiful. The mix of ritual, the hints of timelessness, the sadness of the women's stories, the evocativeness of Tan's music..."
When combined, these four parts transform the orchestra itself into a dramatic medium, an experience not to be missed!

Read more about the concert and Tan Dun’s music.

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