Lera Auerbach's "The Blind"

Lera Auerbach's "The Blind"
Lera Auerbach
© F. Reinhold
Lera Auerbach's The Blind — a multisensory a cappella opera directed by John La Bouchardi√®re — will have its US premiere at the Lincoln Center Festival July 9-14 in New York City.

The work, which requires audience members to be blindfolded, brings to life an entirely new dimension of opera with an unexpected physical and aural journey in a powerful one-act experience that tells the story of twelve nameless characters stranded on a desert island waiting for a rescue that never arrives. The libretto is loosely based on an English adaptation of the controversial play Les aveugles, written by Nobel Prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck in 1890. The Blind redefines the boundaries between audience and performer, bringing theatergoers a heightened experience of opera and all of its possibilities.

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For more information, please visit The Lincoln Center Festival.

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