Adamo’s Gospel of Mary Magdalene Premieres at San Francisco Opera

Adamo’s Gospel of Mary Magdalene Premieres at San Francisco Opera
© J Henry Fair
The world premiere of Mark Adamo’s much anticipated third opera The Gospel of Mary Magdalene takes place June 19 through July 7. San Francisco Opera, the commissioners this work, present seven performances in a production directed by Kevin Newbury which stars Sasha Cooke (Mary Magdalene), Nathan Gunn (Yeshua), William Burden (Peter) and Maria Kanyova (Miriam). Michael Christie conducts. Set designs are by David Korins and costumes are by Constance Hoffman.
Mark Adamo, creator of both libretto and score, comments:

“Drawing on the Gnostic gospels, the canonical gospels, and fifty years of New Testament scholarship, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene reimagines the New Testament through the eyes of its lone substantial female character. At first, this Mary Magdalene, like so many moderns, searches for meaning and purpose in erotic love alone. But her entanglement with Jesus of Nazareth - as mentor, soul mate, and co-minister - teaches her to distinguish love from possession, even as it teaches him to see the moral dignity of women. Mary’s clashes with Jesus’ disciple Peter suggest how the personal politics within Jesus’ movement may have played out in its own place and time. And this opera imagines a version of Mary’s vision at Jesus’s tomb which - had it shaped the Christian story the way Peter’s version of it did - might have left us a radically, radiantly different Western world.”

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