Scanner news

Scanner news
Scanner has had a very busy start to 2013, involved in many diverse projects.

Elemental Force starts on February 8 at Nottingham Castle. It is a series of free spectacular large-scale outdoor shows which put historic buildings centre stage and use light, sound and film to celebrate the rich heritage of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Audiences will find themselves in a fire garden surrounded by flickering trails and fire-based installations and will have the chance to explore their surroundings in anticipation of the main event. On each landmark building a huge projection will appear as the story unfolds through film, music, fireworks and aerial dancers suspended high in the evening sky.

A short documentary introducing the project can be viewed online, as well as an excerpt from the original score. Next shows are at Derby Silk Mill on March 7, Newark Castle on March 16 and the grand finale at Chatsworth House on March 23 2013.

Scanner had also been very occupied working towards his forthcoming solo gallery show in Amsterdam, which opens on March 2 and runs for two months until the end of April. It will take place at the Mediaroom in Melkweg, Amsterdam. Entitled Scanner: A Month in the Life of an Artist, the show documents and explores one month in his creative life.

Over the last 18 months Scanner has been an Associate Artist for Spitalfields Music Festival , developing a programme in London, which has now been announced. John Dowland’s Lachrimae is the inspiration for new works in this playful collection of sound installations and performances.

To open the series, he’ll be joined by Bobby Krlic, the multi-instrumentalist behind The Haxan Cloak, presenting a new work for cello, guitar and treated percussion alongside original compositions and visuals. This unpredictable evening will also features Scanner's own cinematic interpretation of Lachrimae and a truly unique audiovisual computer junk orchestra installation by The Computer Junk Orchestra who made this extraordinary work.

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