Valentine's Day in the Orchestra

Valentine's Day in the Orchestra
Valentine's Day in the Orchestra

Plan ahead for Valentine's Day 2013 with these lovable classics available from G. Schirmer/AMP. These romantic works will have couples of all kind swooning in their seats.

    Three Valentine Lists:
  1. Works for Orchestra
  2. Soloist(s) and Orchestra
  3. Chamber Works
Works for Orchestra

The Beatles

Beatles Hits Medley
12 mins
arr. Jeff Tyzik
    1. I Want To Hold Your Hand
    2. She Loves You
    3. Yesterday
    4. Eleanor Rigby
    5. Hey, Jude
    6. Get Back
    7. Yellow Submarine

Classic Beatles: A Medley
11 mins
arr. by Peter Mansfield
    1. The Long and Winding Road
    2. Here, There and Everywhere
    3. And I Love Her
    4. When I'm 64
    5. I've Just Seen a Face
    6. A Hard Day's Night
    7. Norwegian Wood
    8. Hey, Jude

The Great Beatles Singles Suite II
18 mins
arr. by Andrew Jackman
    1. All You Need Is Love
    2. Help
    3. Yesterday
    4. Get Back

Vincenzo Bellini

Romeo and Juliet, Overture
5 mins

Michael Gordon

Love Bead
1(pic).1(ca).0+bcl.0+cbn/1110/sampler.ebgtr.egtr/ (all instruments amplified)
10 minutes

Sunshine Of Your Love
9 minutes

Percy Grainger

The Power of Love

Dmitri Kabalevsky

Romeo and Juliet, Musical Sketches
34 minutes

Sergei Prokofiev

Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64
2+pic.2+ca.2+bcl.tsx.2+cbn/6.3+cnt.3.1/timp.perc.glock.xyl/; banda: 4hn, 6 tpt, thn, barhn, 2tba, 4perc
2 hours, 10 minutes

Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64 (reduced orchestration, arr. William McDermott)
2 hours, 10 minutes

Romeo and Juliet, Suite I, Op. 64A
28 minutes

Romeo and Juliet, Suite II, Op. 64B
32 minutes

Scenes from the Ballet "Romeo and Juliet" (arr. Rudolf Barshai)
45 minutes

Karl Aage Rasmussen

Symphony for Young Lovers
18 minutes
Miklós Rózsa

Love Scene from "El Cid"
5 minutes
Joby Talbot

Lovers' Ink
20 minutes

Soloist(s) and Orchestra

Samuel Barber

The Lovers
Solo: Baritone, Mixed Chorus; 2+pic+afl.2+ca.2+bcl.2/4331/timp.perc/
31 minutes
Richard Rodney Bennett

Love Spells
Solo: Soprano; 2+pic.2+ca.2+bcl.2+cbn/4.3.2+btbn.1/timp.3perc/
14 minutes

Solo: Tenor; 2(pic)221/2221/timp.2perc/[=cel]/gtr(amp)/str(min
22 minutes

Charles Desmond

A Day for Love
Solo: Voice; 1121/2230/timp(perc)/hp.cel/str

Aaron Jay Kernis

Solo: Soprano; 4(2pic).3(ca).3(Ebcl,bcl).3(cbn)/4.3.2+btbn.1/timp.4perc/
25 minutes
Peter Lieberson

Neruda Songs
Solo: Mezzo-soprano; 2(pic).1+ca.2(bcl).2/2200/
30 minutes

Songs of Love and Sorrow
Solo: Baritone; 2(pic).1+ca.2.2(cbn)/
25 minutes

David Lang

Solo: Piano; 3.2+ca.2+bcl.2+cbn/4331/timp.4perc/cel/str
23 minutes

Loud Love Songs
Solo: Percussion; 1222/2111/timp.3perc/pf/str
15 minutes

Per Nørgård

Three Love Songs
Solo: Alto; 1+2pic.2+ca.2.1+2cbn/

Gösta Nystroem

Three Love Songs
Solo: Medium Voice; 1121/2100/timp/hp.cel/str

Miklós Rózsa

Love Theme from "Ben Hur"
Solo: Violin; 2232/4330/timp/2hp/str
5 minutes
Augusta Read Thomas

Sunlight Echos
SATB Chorus; 3.2(ca).3.3/4331/3perc/hp/str
5 minutes
Peter Warlock

Aspects of Love and Contentment
Solo: Soprano; 1010/1000/hp/str

Chamber Works

George Antheil

Valentine Waltzes
7 minutes
Philip Glass

Modern Love Waltz[vib]/[hp].2kbd
12 minutes
Aaron Jay Kernis

soprano, piano
25 minutes

George Newson

Solo: Soprano, narrator; 1.0+ca.1+bthn(ssx).1(cbn)/0110/perc/2vc
35 minutes

Alexander Raskatov

Ode to Valentine's Day
8 vc and a bottle of champagne
4 minutes
Joan Tower

Valentine Trills
2 minutes

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