Alice’s Adventures Continue

Alice’s Adventures Continue

Alice’s Adventures Continue Joby Talbot’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, based on the wonderful books by Lewis Carroll, comes to The Royal Ballet in this first revival of Christopher Wheeldon’s full-length work, conducted by The Royal Ballet’s Music Director Barry Wordsworth. It had a fantastic reception at its world premiere at the Royal Opera House last season and later in Toronto, not least for its hugely enjoyable combination of story, inventiveness and sheer theatrical verve.

Each step along Alice’s journey is matched to perfection by Joby Talbot’s engaging and atmospheric music and Bob Crowley’s endlessly inventive and colourful designs. The whole Company is drawn into the fun, portraying a myriad of quirky characters: the twitchy White Rabbit, a tap dancing Mad Hatter, a sinuous caterpillar and so many more. Alice and the Knave of Hearts are at the centre of the story, but when The Queen of Hearts is around everyone will take notice, especially as the spirit of classical ballet tries to take her over with disastrous but hilarious results. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a brilliantly imagined show with something for everyone to treasure.

March 17, 19, 24, 26, 27, and 29

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