Bent Sørensen at the Huddersfield Festival

Bent Sørensen at the Huddersfield Festival
Bent Sørensen is composer-in-residence at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival this November. Several Danish and international ensembles perform works by Denmark's perhaps leading composer at the moment.

The festival features some of Bent Sørensen's more experimental works such as the sound installation The White Forest, the Documentary Concert#1 and the new accordion concerto It is pain flowing down slowly on a white wall.

The accordion concerto marks the continuing relations between Bent Sørensen and Norwegian Music Life. Documentary Concert#1 is the life of a composer visualized by documentary film maker Michael Madsen – a homely toddle about the room moving from the coffee machine to the piano to the computer, and then back again. Life on a daily basis accompanied by live-performances of some of Bent Sørensen’s most famous chamber pieces.

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In connection to the Huddersfield festival Bent Sørensen is featured in the Wire Magazine.

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