Tan Dun: Martial Arts Trilogy

Tan Dun: Martial Arts Trilogy

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Love. Betrayal. Death. Revenge. Resurrection. Tan Dun has had the honour of composing music for three critically acclaimed martial arts films that combine the ancient tradition of Chinese martial arts philosophy with the dramatic and visual arts. The Martial Arts Trilogy features three concertos based on the films Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; The Banquet; and Hero. They focus on themes of sacrifice, desire, transcendence, revenge, and power. The cello in Crouching Tiger Concerto plays the voice of Llo, who dreams of spiritual transcendence through martial arts. Her dramatic journey of power, sacrifice, and determination is heard throughout the concerto until her final farewell brings her back to water and stone. The violin of Hero Concerto tells the ancient story of Lin, who sacrificed love to defend her country. She seeks, above all else, revenge and redemption for her people. In The Banquet Concerto, the voice of Empress Ano is represented by the piano. Ano sacrifices love in pursuit of power, and the piano is heard along with the voices of her people.

The trilogy will have its US premiere in San Diego on July 21. In this dramatic presentation, scenes from the three films will play on video screens while the San Diego Symphony, led by Tan Dun, delivers the passion and power that thrilled movie audiences worldwide. For more information and to watch a preview of the performance, visit the San Diego Symphony website.

An additional performance of the trilogy takes place on August 5 in Vienna, VA at Wolf Trap, America's National Park for the Performing Arts. Tan Dun conducts the National Symphony Orchestra and is joined by soloists Heather LeDoux Green (violin), James Lee (cello), and Lisa Emenheiser (piano).

On August 12, Tan Dun and the Metropolis Ensemble will give the Martial Arts Trilogy its New York premiere at the Lincoln Center Our of Doors Festival. This performance is presented in association with the Re Foundation and the Chinese American Arts Council.

Sony will release a new disc featuring music from the three soundtracks “The Banquet”, “Crouching Tiger” and “Hero”, the new CD is a compilation of Tan Dun’s most powerful film music spanning 10 years and performed by the most influential soloists of our time - Lang Lang, Yo Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman.

For more information, visit: www.tandunonline.com

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