Orchestral Premieres :: Schirmer News Spring 2011

Orchestral Premieres :: Schirmer News Spring 2011
Schirmer News Spring 2011
Spring Orchestral Premieres

Our composers were hard at work during the terrible Winter weather and have crafted many new orchestral works for your listening pleasure. Check out our list of orchestral premieres this Spring!

BBC Symphony Orchestra. Photo credit: Peter Serling The BBC Symphony Orchestra with Chief Conductor Jirí Belohlávek. © BBC/Lara Platman.

March 10
Augusta Read Thomas
Radiant Circles *
New Haven Symphony Orchestra
William Boughton, conductor

March 25
Avner Dorman
Astrolotry *
Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Justin Brown, conductor

March 26
Joby Talbot
Minus 1500 **
Sarasota Orchestra
Dirk Meyer, conductor

April 2
Augusta Read Thomas
Flash *
University of South Florida Orchestra and Chorus
William W. Wiedrich, conductor

April 15
Augusta Read Thomas
Floating Temples *
University of Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
Robert Mueller, conductor

April 29
Avner Dorman
Frozen in Time **
Kansas City Symphony
Martin Grubinger, percussion
Michael Stern, conductor

May 7
Michael Gordon
Rewriting Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony **
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Andre de Ridder, conductor

May 5
Kaija Saariaho
Laterna Magica **
Mirage **
Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Karita Mattila, soprano
Ansi Karttunen, cello
Hannu Lintu, conductor

May 13
Joan Tower
Stroke *
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Manfred Honeck, conductor

May 26
Tan Dun
Water Concerto **
Paper Concerto **
Wang Beibei, percussion
Cui Kun, percussion
Wang Juan, percussion
Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Tan Dun, conductor

May 20
Nathaniel Stookey
Mahlerwerk *
NDR Symphony Orchestra
Christoph Eschenbach, conductor

June 9
Augusta Read Thomas
Violin Concerto No. 3, “Juggler in Paradise” **
National Symphony Orchestra
Jennifer Koh, violin
Christoph Eschenbach, conductor

June 18
Missy Mazzoli
New Orchestral Work *
Orchestra of the League of Composers
Louis Karchin, conductor


*World Premiere
**Country Premiere

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