Avner Dorman in Europe

Avner Dorman in Europe

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In August the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andris Nelsons will tour Frozen in Time by Avner Dorman in Switzerland and Germany and Austria. The percussionist is Martin Grubinger.

The title Frozen in Time refers to imaginary snapshots of the Earth’s geological development from prehistoric times to the present day. Although we cannot be sure what the Earth looked like millions of years ago, most scientists agree that the separate continents used to be one mega-continent (as most agree that mankind descended from one prehistoric womb). Each movement imagines the music of a large prehistoric continent at a certain point in time.

August 16: Lucerne Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland
August 18: Rheingau Musik Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany
August 20: Grafenegg Music Festival, Austria
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