Film portrait of Sir Malcolm Arnold

Film portrait of Sir Malcolm Arnold
Tony Palmer’s film: 'Toward the Unknown Region: Malcolm Arnold – a story of survival'

Commissioned by Melvyn Bragg and The South Bank Show, this powerful film portrait of Sir Malcolm Arnold received its world premiere at the Royal Festival Hall on Monday 20 September. Transmission by the ITV network takes place over the next two Sundays.

“Tony Palmer has produced some great documentaries which have rightly been acclaimed around the world. 'Malcolm Arnold' is another. Palmer at the top of his form and Malcolm Arnold magnificently portrayed.” – Melvyn Bragg

“An amazing film, the most rawly truthful of its kind that I’ve ever seen, though full of artistic subtlety. It’s a totally dramatic entity, because from start to finish you’re aware of two antithetical Malcolm Arnolds tugging in opposite directions and feel the tension between them constantly – yet the film manages somehow to be celebratory in the end. I think it must surely set the country alight when broadcast.” – Paul Driver

“Tony Palmer is the only director to have won the Prix d’Italia, televsion’s highes prize, twice. And a third award would not be out of place for his latest film. “Toward the Unknown Region” a portrait of the life and music of Sir Malcolm Arnold.” – Malcolm Hayes, The Sunday Telegraph

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