Ketan Bhatti

b. 1981



Ketan Bhatti is drummer, composer and producer. His artistic work explores the boundaries between music genres and cultural spheres and range from contemporary chamber music to experimental music and dance theatre, stage and film music, as well as electronic, hip-hop-based productions.

Ketan Bhatti’s numerous releases and appearances in international concerts, his stipends and awards are multifaceted and internationally renowned. He received awards from the German Music Council, the Berlin Senate, and the Goethe Institute. A work for jazz and New Electronic Music, performed with Simon Stockhausen, was awarded the Karl-Hofer-Preis 2008. The dance-project "Red Bull Flying Bach", to which Ketan contributed the music together with his brother Vivan Bhatti, was rewarded with the Echo Klassik Special Award. Ketan Bhatti was a fellow at Tarabya Cultural Academy, Istanbul in 2017; between 2010 and 2012, he was a fellow at the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences of the University of Arts, Berlin.

Bhatti Music Score Showreel from Bhatti Music on Vimeo.


1st September 2022

Bühnen und Orchester der Stadt Bielefeld
Theater Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany