• 3333/4231/timp.4perc/hp/str
  • 24 min
    • 31st July 2024, Oper, Leipzig, Germany
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Programme Note

When I planned the work, I gave its three main sections the working titles of 'Intensification', 'Complexity' and 'Simplification', with the central section subdivided into three in a way which exactly parallels the divisions of the whole. I also gave the piece a subtitle which reflected the fact that I saw the music in terms of colours: but the subtitle was later withdrawn, not least because I decided that the colours I had suggested were, in retrospect, inappropriate ones. However, the concept of large areas of colour, applied as if in large brush-strokes, is perhaps a useful way of seeing the work; and its preoccupations still seem valid to me, at a distance of nearly 25 years, especially the idea of 'intensification', which has remained a central concern.

Colin Matthews, September 1998


Fourth Sonata (1974-75): 1. Beginning (Part I) = 60
Fourth Sonata (1974-75): 2. Part II (1)
Fourth Sonata (1974-75): 3. Part II (2)
Fourth Sonata (1974-75): 4. Molto sostenuto (Part II (2))
Fourth Sonata (1974-75): 5. Sempre molto legato e pianissimo (Part III)


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