• Michael Hurd
  • King and Conscience (1990)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)
  • fl.cl.bnstr
  • piano reduction available for sale
  • unison choir
  • 21 min

Programme Note


The ill-fated friendship between Henry Plantagenet and Thomas Becket forms the basis of this ballad cantata on one of the momentous clashes between church and state in English history. With his customary melodic skill and literary clarity, Hurd provides a very direct and immediately appealing account of the events that led to Becket’s martyrdom at Canterbury in 1170. King and Conscience is designed specifically to provide a starting point for further creativity. Performable as a concert or stage piece, the cantata for unison voices and piano can provide the basis for original work in art, design, dance, drama, history,
environmental and English literary studies.