• George Dyson
  • Concerto Leggiero (1951)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)
  • str
  • 2pf
  • piano
  • 20 min

Programme Note

In 1949 Dyson was nearing the end of his time as Director at the Royal College of Music and this period was a fertile one for him, composition-wise. He had already written two unusual and attractive string orchestra concertos (Concerto da Chiesa and Concerto da Camera) in 1948 and now set out on a concerto for piano with string orchestra. This was begun in 1949 when he wrote to his son that he was “well on the way with a piano concerto”. The work has a remarkable sense of intimacy and an almost classical feel in its sense of economy. The Concerto Leggiero is in three movements with the second as a reflective, elegiac set of variations on the theme given at the start. The third movement is a lively Vivace typical of the mature Dyson, well-structured, economical and involving for the listener all the way to its final flourish.

Programme note by Paul Spicer


Concerto leggiero: I. Allegro - Vivace - Andante sostenuto ed espressivo
Concerto leggiero: II. Andante - Largamente sempre - Molto largamente
Concerto leggiero: III. Vivace


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