• Martin Dalby
  • Nozze di Primavera (1984)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Commissioned by the St. Magnus Festival, Orkney with funds provided by the Scottish Arts Council

  • 2222/2200/timp/str
  • 13 min

Programme Note

Martin Dalby: Nozze di Primavera

Nozze di Primavera was commissioned by the St Magnus Festival, Orkney Islands with the financial help of the Scottish Arts Council. The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, with their Principal Conductor, Jerzy Maksymiuk, played it for the first time in St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, June 1984. It's a contemplative and gentle memento of my marriage, which took place as I was beginning to write it, and is dedicated to my wife, Hilary.

The starting point for its musical language and ideas is the wedding hymn for the marriage of Margaret of Scotland and Eric II of Norway in 1281. The hymn forms a sort of cantus firmus in the bass part at the beginning and at the recapitulation. There is also a musical cypher derived from the beginning of the Latin text - Ex te lux Oritur, O dulcis Scotia (Sweet Scotland, from you a light arises).

The work rocks between the keys of G major and E flat major, a happy relationship which I admire in the two G major violin sonatas of Beethoven. These are two works which my wife (a violinist) and I have enjoyed playing together.

© 1985 Martin Dalby