Commissioned by the Scottish Universities Orchestra with funds from the Scottish Arts Council

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  • 12 min

Programme Note

Martin Dalby: El Ruiseñor

El Ruiseñor was written in 1979 for the Scottish Universities Orchestra who commissioned it with funds provided by the Scottish Arts Council. Written as it is for young musicians, it is a great pleasure that the Scottish Universities Orchestra should allow the Young Musician's Symphony Orchestra the opportunity of giving it its first performance.

The origins of El Ruiseñor (the Nightingale) lie in a long interest I have had in early Spanish music. This interest engendered four works previously: the instrumental Cancionero Para Una Mariposa, the vocal Cantiges Del Cancionero, Paginas for recorder and harpsichord and El Remanso Del Pitido for twelve voices. The fifth in this series, El Ruiseñor, is not quite the same. It is a much simpler concept really, consisting of arrangements of four Spanish songs for a large orchestra. The Nightingale of the title is to be found in a line in the first, Din Di Rin Din (anon., fourteenth century). The other three songs are Ay La Le Lo (Galicia), Ayer Vite En La Fonte (Asturias) and Baile De Pandero (Galicia). The colour of the orchestration reflects the genius of Ravel and Falla.

© Martin Dalby