• Michael Nyman
  • If (from The Diary of Anne Frank) (1995)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
  • fl.asxpfstr
  • also available for pf
  • contralto
  • 5 min
  • Michael Nyman
  • Roger Pulvers
  • English

Programme Note


IF and WHY

The songs IF and WHY were written by Michael Nyman to texts by Roger Pulvers and for inclusion in the Japanese animated feature film "The Diary of Anne Frank" (1995), director Seiya Araki.

If … at the sound of wish
The summer sun would shine
And if … just a smile would do
To brush all the clouds from the sky

If … at the blink of an eye
The autumn leaves would whirl
And if … you could sigh a deep sigh
To scatter them over the earth

*I'd blink my eyes
And wave my arms
I'd wish a wish
To stop all harm

If … at the wave of a hand
The winter snows would start
And if … you could just light a candle
To change people's feelings and hearts

**I'd whisper love
In every land
To every child
Woman and man

***That's what I'd do
If my wishes would come true
That's what I'd do
If my wishes could come true

(** Repeat)
(*** Repeat)

We ask our father why
Why people can not love
Why people hate all day and night
Spoiling children's dreams

We ask our mother why
Why people can not live
Why they won't let the children be
Crushing their belief

Tell us why, Papa
Your children want to know
"Someday you'll find out"
Leaves us lonely and cold

Tell us why, Papa
Your children want to know
"You shouldn't ask such things"
Leaves no rooms to grow

We ask our parents Why
Why children can not grow
Don't look away from us
Don't lie … please don't lie
Your children need to know

Tell me why, somebody
We children need an answer
Why adults fight over God
Why adults fight over colour
Why adults go to war