• Anthony Payne
  • Fanfares and Processional (1986)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by the London Brass Ensemble

  • hn.4tpt.4tbn.tba
  • 12 min

Programme Note

Like several other pieces I have composed in recent years, FANFARES AND PROCESSIONAL was written in what by contemporary standards was an improvisatory manner. Throwing aside the paraphernalia of pre-compositional working, rhythmic and pitch series and other types of matrix, I simply plunged in and wrote, so to speak, off the top of my head. All I had in mind at the outset was a dimly envisaged ceremonial work ending in a kind of dark jubilation. It would present and develop images which have always fascinated me in other composers, solemn processions, fanfares that summon and celebrate as well as warn and even perhaps threaten, march rhythms irregular and lurching which in the present instance prove capable of being transformed into bell-like changes. Thus, we hear right at the outset a scrap of solemn melody on the tuba, irregular processional rhythms on trombones and fanfares on the trumpets. Everything in the work's climactic progress stems from this opening paragraph.

FANFARES AND PROCESSIONAL was commissioned by London Brass with funds provided by the Greater London Arts association. The first performance took place on 19 September 1986 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. This piece was written between June and August 1986 in London and Sydney.

Anthony Payne