Commissioned by the National Symphony Orchestra of Washington to celebrate the USA bicentenary

  • 3(pic)3(ca)3(bcl)3(cbn)/4331/timp.3perc/
  • 17 min


Ia. The Spring Signs. Ritornello
Ib. The Spring Signs. Aries
Ic. The Spring Signs. Taurus
Id. The Spring Signs. Gemini
IIa. The Summer Signs. Ritornello
IIb. The Summer Signs. Cancer
IIc. The Summer Signs. Leo
IId. The Summer Signs. Virgo
IIIa. the Autumn Signs. Ritornello
IIIb. The Autumn Signs. Libra
IIIc. The Autumn Signs. Scorpio
IIId. The Autumn Signs. Sagittarius
IVa. The Winter Signs. Ritornello
IVb. The Winter Signs. Capricorn
IVc. The Winter Signs. Aquarius
IVd. The Winter Signs. Pisces
V. Ritornello


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