• Simon Bainbridge
  • Kinneret Pulses (1992)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Commissioned by Fretwork with funds from the Arts Council of Great Britain

  • viol consort
  • 11 min

Programme Note

It was the serene and radiant Galilee (also known as Kinneret) that provided the starting point for this piece for Fretwork, which is scored for a viol consort of treble, two tenors and two basses.

Kinneret Pulses is constructed out of a succession of different tempi which interrelate through a process of metrical modulation, resulting in a constantly shifting polyrhythmic harmonic texture. It is this texture which creates the backcloth for a slowly evolving web of ‘polyphonic inventions’ that embroider a recurring plaintive aria-like melody from the solo bass viol.

Throughout the piece, these two elements of harmony and melody are interlaced into a varied aural landscape of continuously changing perspective, which is further enhanced by the single lone voice of a repeating A-flat pulse, providing a focal and pivotal point to the work’s structure.

© Simon Bainbridge