• 3(3pic)3(ca)3(bcl)3(cbn)/4430/4perc/pf.cel.2hp/str([4 players use 5 string db])
  • 10 min

Programme Note

I have attempted to project the various phenomena of light made through a prism onto the world of sound, and to create a sound prism by the use of the various tone colours on the orchestral palette.

B flat and E serve as central notes throughout the work. It is designed as a spiral construction in which the original motif circulates and rises to its peak, undergoing transfigurations at every stage.

'Prismes' was composed in 1984. It was first performed in Tokyo by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hikotaro Yazaki on 16th October 1984.

© Karen Tanaka


Prismes (1984), recorded by Malmo Symphony Orchestra