Winner of Gaudeamus Prize at the 1987 International Gaudeamus Music Week, Amsterdam

  • 2(2pic)1(ca)1(Ebcl,bcl)1(cbn)/222(btbn)0/2perc/2hp/str( string db))
  • piano
  • 13 min

Programme Note

Anamorphosis means a distorted figuration in the technical terminology of optics. In 'Anamorphose' I have tried to compose distorted timbre as well as structure throughout the whole piece. It is set in three parts, and the piano part requires a solid, crystal sound.

It was first performed by the Radio Chamber Orchestra in the Netherlands conducted by Ernest Bour, during the International Gaudeamus Music Week in Amsterdam on 13 September 1987. 'Anamorphose' received the Gaudeamus Prize in the same year.

© Karen Tanaka