• Benedict Mason
  • Nodding Trilliums and Curve Lined Angles (1990)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group with funds from West Midlands Arts

  • 1(pic)1112110pf(syn (DX7))str(
  • 4 percussion
  • 20 min

Programme Note

Nodding Trilliums and Curve-Lined Angles

This work was commissioned by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group with financial assistance from West Midland Arts and received its premiere in October 1990. It was written during the Summer of that year in America and England and features a deliberately busy and complicated concertante texture. The whimsical sounding title refers simply to the flora and fauna of Western Massachusetts and has nothing to do with Chaos theory.

1. Xylophones
A fats toccata movement.

2. Rattles
A slower movement. Players sometimes play faster or slower than the conducted tempo.

3. Drums
More abrasive and unstable- tempo always speeding up, slowing down or abruptly changing.

4. Toys
Whistles, ocarinas and spinning tops

5. Claves
Percussion players set 4 different pulses, sometimes speeding up or slowing down. A fifth pulse is added by the conductor.

6. Vibraphone
A gentle final featuring the natural ‘out of tune’ notes of the horns echoed in the synthesizer and the strings.