• Edward Gregson
  • Tuba Concerto (orchestral version) (1978)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Arrangement for orchestra, written for John Fletcher

  • 2222/4.2.2+btbn.0/timp.2perc/str
  • tuba
  • 18 min
    • 9th July 2024, Theater, Kiel, Germany
    • 13th July 2024, Scheune Pein, Norderstedt, Germany
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Programme Note

The concerto is in three movements, following the usual quick-slow-quick pattern: Allegro deciso, Lento e mesto, Allegro giocoso. The first is in a sonata form shell with two contrasting themes, the first rhythmic in character, the second lyrical. There is a reference made in the development section to the opening theme of Vaughan Williams's Tuba Concerto, but only in passing. The second movement unfolds a long cantabile melody for the soloist, which contrasts to a ritornello idea announced three times by the band/orchestra. The last movement is in rondo form, alternating the main theme with two episodes. The first of these is a broad sweeping tune, the second jazz-like in style. After a short cadenza, reference is made to the opening of the concerto, and the work ends with a triumphal flourish.




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