• Carl Vine
  • MicroSymphony (1986)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)
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  • 12 min

Programme Note

'MicroSymphony' is the latest in a series of works of various durations and instrumental forces which are all concerned with the condensation of motif and gesture. Although symphonic in intent and instrumentation, the work's compactness and overall duration demand the diminutive prefix: Micro.

The principal "theme" to 'MicroSymphony' is a four-note duet that is first heard in the third bar of the work. This motif outlines two chords a tritone (or augmented fourth) apart that contain both major and minor thirds. The entire work, then, follows as a series of explorations of the symmetry and ambivalence of this one motif.

The work deals principally with transformation. Chords become major, minor or both, and then mutate completely. Rhythms become more or less complex against the prevailing pulse and then propel into new pulses and new rhythms.

'MicroSymphony' was commissioned by the Sydney Youth Orchestra with assistance from the Music Board of the Australia Council.

© Carl Vine


Vine: Micro Symphony
Vine : Micro Symphony


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    • Congratulations to our ARIA Award winners and nominees
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