• Barry Guy
  • Flagwalk (1974)

  • Novello & Co Ltd (World)

Written for the Orchestra of St. John's, Smith Square

  • solo str (
  • 23 min

Programme Note

Flagwalk was written in 1975 for the Orchestra of St John's, Smith Square's tour of America, and takes its title from a series of paintings by Alan Davy. It seemed appropriate to borrow the titled since at the time his particular approach to painting was not dissimilar to my own in composition, and additionally the image of a broomstick rising out of a large boot, topped by a series of semaphore flags struck me as rather funny. Perhaps at the time I was looking for this element in the piece as well.

However, today's piece is revised, shortened considerably and expands earlier unused material to balance the structure. The plan for the listener is: Introduction; Canonic variations; Evolution of solo statements through to collective; Song. The 'Song' is the generator of all the material for the piece, and has the message of joy in music as an ensemble. Perhaps my boot, broomstick and semaphore flags exist in the song, for it does seem funny to develop one's material before the 'theme' so to speak.

© Barry Guy