• fl.asx/perc/gtr
  • 16 min

Programme Note

"This work, a kind of 'Rustle of Spring', was composed for the chamber music ensemble Cluster, who gave the first performance of it in 1981 in Helsinki. The work begins with a nocturne in which the flautist plays an alto flute in order to emphasize the instrument's expressiveness, particularly in its bottom register. The second movement is a mating dance for flute and alto saxophone, inspired by the play of birds in the spring. In the finale, material from the earlier movements is brought together. It reminds one of the nocturne atmosphere and the exstasy of spring. Here the percussion player has a solo section of extreme virtuosity.

"The musical material in all three movements is characterised by the major seventh and its inversion, the minor second. Expressive melody built up in small absorbing intervals and eruptive explosions in the interval leaps, which sometimes range between the extremes of the instrument's register.

"The title of the work indicates that it was written for Mikael, Pekka, Jukka och Pauli."

© Erik Bergman, 1983