Commissioned by the Helsinki Festival

  • 2232/4331/timp.3perc
  • 21 min

Programme Note

Sub luna is a set of four orchestral nocturnes, the first two of which are linked without a break. Bergman says of Sub luna: "The work uses meditation, numerous solo instruments from the various sections of the orchestra, persistent rhythms and sudden contrasts. […] The irregular improvisando episodes in between those with precise bar-line markings can occur in both the strings and the woodwind without any precise pitches. The pitchless breathing and hissing sounds on the woodwinds may express unreal states."

© Kimmo Korhonen, November 1998
(translated by © Susan Sinisalo, February 1999)


Sub luna, Op. 116: No. 1, —
Sub luna, Op. 116: No. 2, —
Sub luna, Op. 116: No. 3, —
Sub luna, Op. 116: No. 4, —


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