• Magnus Lindberg
  • Zungenstimmen (1994)

  • Chester Music Ltd (World)

Commissioned by Crusell Week in Uusikaupunki

Arrangement for wind band of 1st movement of Aura

  • 2(pic).0.2(Ebcl)+bcl+ssx+asx+tsx+bsx.2/2331/perc/hp.pf/db
  • 14 min

Programme Note

Zungenstimmen (Reed) represents something new in Lindberg's output in the sense that it is an attempt to combine classical and jazz players, bringing to mind Stravinsky writing for the Woody Herman Orchestra (Ebony Concerto) or Bartók inspired by the playing of Benny Goodman (Contrastes). The latter comparison comes closer to Lindberg, since he did not try to enter jazz idiom, simply because, as he puts, it, he does not know anything about it. The composer was given the united forces of the Finnish big band UMO and the wind and brass sections of the Avanti Chamber Orchestra to meet the commission of Lindberg's fellow musician Kari Kriikku and his Crusell Week, a festival of mainly wind music in the home town of the 18th century Finnish clarinettist Bernard Henrik Cursell. The material used for this rather quickly written piece comes once again from the first movement of Aura.

© Risto Nieminen

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