Commissioned by the Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland (the Swedish Literary Society in Finland)

See also Decorrente - version for cl/gtr/vib/pf/vc and Corrente - China Version

  • 1(afl)1(ca)11/2110/perc/
  • 14 min
    • 1st May 2023, Temerty Theater, Toronto , ON, Canada
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Programme Note

Corrente is a piece originally written to celebrate the Swedish Literary Society Of Finland on the occasion of its 127th year. This may have influenced the composer to bring out a certain sense of "festivas" to the work. "Corrente" is Italian and refers to the baroque dance, "courant" in French, and the baroque ingredients can be shown as the top of an iceberg.

"Corrente" also bears meaning of "running, and "steam". The material of the piece is based on rhythmic loops of different size that superposed produce kaleidoscopic textures. This rather minimalistic approach is mostly deformed by changing the patterns in an irregular way. Also narrative aspects of the material are enhanced by giving the musical characters different roles as they affect each other during the piece.

Corrente is scored for a small orchestra with a maximum of different instruments, one of each, allowing a rich variety of timbral possibilities.





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