• Carola Bauckholt
  • Membran (2014)
    (for voice and piano)

  • Henry Litolff’s Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (World)
  • voc + pf
  • Voice
  • 13 min

Programme Note

Commissioned by Internationale Hugo-Wolf-Akademie

A grand piano. At its keys, a pianist. Under its body, a professional singer, lying down. Both performers hold their own spiral hose, winding from mouth to piano. The soundboard forms the membrane between the performers. Membran was written for a festival of lieder – songs for voice and piano. “They asked me if it was possible for me to write a lied,” says Carola. She began experimenting, singing through a tube into the body of the piano. She found the resonance haunting. During the piece, the two performers sing a German childrenʼs folksong to each other. In the song, a brother repeatedly asks his sister when they will go home. Each time, the sister says they will go home in time. In the end, it becomes clear that both have died. Carolaʼs music is all about communication. She is particularly interested in the intensive interaction of elements that don't normally belong together.

Tim Munro



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