• Michael Easton
  • Overture to an Italianate Comedy (1990)

  • Wise Music G. Schirmer Australia Pty Ltd (World)
  • 2222/2220/perc/hp/str
  • 10 min

Programme Note

The Overture to an Italianate Comedy is a light-hearted piece constructed along traditional, classical lines. Accordingly, a sparkling opening theme is passed from instrument to instrument before giving way to a more lyrical idea. Further explorations lead to a slower central section the romantic mood of which is violently interrupted before a return can be made to the opening themes and the work brought to its sprightly conclusion. The composer has said that the overture was inspired by E.M. Forster’s novel A Room with a View in which during a visit to Italy, a sheltered English lady gradually becomes aware of her passionate nature. The violent interruption which heralds the return of the main themes admirably pinpoints the moment when she realises that her world has been turned upside down and, for better or worse, will never be the same again.



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