• Philip Glass
  • Glassworks (1981)

  • Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc (World)

Each movement can be performed separately
1. Opening 2. Floe 3. Islands 4. Rubric 5. Façades 6. Closing

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  • 40 min
    • 1st May 2024, Conservatory of Music Choral Hall, Purchase, NY, United States of America
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Programme Note

'Glassworks' was originally written as a commission for CBS Records in 1981 (the first CD of mine recorded for that company). Besides work for my ensemble, it contained several unusual pieces including 'Opening' for solo piano and 'Façades' for solo soprano saxophone. Some of this music later formed the basis of Jerome Robbins' dance piece at the New York City Ballet in 1983. 'Opening' was the beginning of a series of music for solo piano, which I am still adding to, to this day.

© Philip Glass


Glassworks: I. Opening
Glassworks: III. Islands
Glassworks: IV. Rubric
Glassworks: VI. Closing


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