• John Cage
  • 0′00″ (1962)
    (4′33″ (No. 2))

  • Henmar Press, Inc. (World)
  • Solo to be performed in any way by anyone
  • 4 min 33 s

Programme Note

The original score for this work consists of one sentence: “In a situation provided with maximum amplification (no feedback), perform a disciplined action.” A day later, Cage added further instructions, for example allowing interruptions of the action, not repeating the same action in another performance, or that the action should not be the performance of a musical composition.

This is the third and final work in a series, of which Atlas Eclipticalis is the first (representing ‘nirvana’, according to Hidekazu Yoshidaʼs interpretations of Japanese Haiku poetry) and Variations IV is the second work (representing ‘samsara’, the turmoil of everyday life). 0′00″ represents ‘individual action’. 

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