Commissioned by St, Dunstan's College for the celebration of its centennary in 1988

  • 0000/2431/timp.3perc/org
  • org
  • SATB
  • 8 min

Programme Note

This work was commissioned by St Dunstan's College, South-East London, for the celebration of its centenary in 1988. It is an anthem, and uses a setting of Psalm 100, scored for Choir, Organ, Brass and Percussion. The first performance took place at the Fairfield hall, Croydon, in November 1988 and was given by the combined forces of St Dunstan's College.

The work has three main sections (fast-slow-fast) and is essentially jubilant in nature. After a brief instrumental introduction the choir enters, using as its text the first two verses of the Psalm. This reaches a climax on the word singing after which the music subsides into the serene key of C major for female voices only to sing a reflective tune on the words Know ye, surrounded by various counter melodies on solo horn and trumpet. Male voices then take over this tune (inverted) and the final comment is left to unaccompanied choir, leaving sopranos on a held low D. At this point the last section begins. The mood is set by Organ and Percussion, the style takes off its hat to minimalism, with multi-layered textures underpinning the choral unison on the word Enter. Eventually the tonality heads towards G major and a reprise of the opening music, with a coda full of energetic exuberance.

© Edward Gregson