• John Cage
  • Winter Music (1957)

  • Henmar Press, Inc. (World)

Duration is variable

  • 1-20 pianos
  • 30 min

Programme Note

This score consists of 20 unnumbered pages plus title page with performance instructions. These 20 pages may be used in whole or in part by between 1 and 20 pianists. The performer(s) make(s) a program of a determined time length and then translates this to the page(s) to be played (with space equating to time). Each page of the score contains 5 systems, notated on 5 bars. Some pages contain very few events, while others are brimming. Most events are aggregates of notes to be played as a single ictus. Dynamics, resonances, overlappings, and interpenetrations are free. Cage’s composing means involved both chance operations and use of the imperfections found in the paper upon which the music was written. This work may be performed with Atlas Eclipticalis or Song Books.