Commissioned by West Edge Opera

  • SSATB (5 voices)
  • S, 2Mz,T, Bar, B
    • 3rd August 2024, West Edge Opera, Oakland, CA, United States of America
    • 11th August 2024, West Edge Opera, Oakland, United States of America
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Programme Note


Bulrusher, a young woman of mixed race (Black, Native, white), soprano  
Vera, a young Southern Black woman, mezzo-soprano
Madame, a middle-aged white-identifying (also Native) woman, mezzo-soprano
Boy, a young white man,  tenor
Logger (Lucas Jeans), a middle-aged Southern Black man, baritone

Schoolch, a middle-aged white man, bass

An Ensemble of five non-Black voices: SSATB 

In 1955, in the redwood country north of San Francisco, a multiracial girl grows up in a predominantly white town whose residents pepper their speech with the historical dialect of Boontling. Found floating in a basket on the river as an infant, Bulrusher is an orphan with a gift for clairvoyance that makes her feel like a stranger even amongst the strange: the taciturn schoolteacher who adopted her, the madam who runs her brothel with a fierce discipline, the logger with a zest for horses and women, and the guitar-slinging boy who is after Bulrusher's heart. Just when she thought her world might close in on her, she discovers an entirely new sense of self when a black girl from Alabama comes to town.


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    • 2024 Opera Highlights
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