• Sunleif Rasmussen
  • Songbirds and Cannons (2023)
    (for Woodwind Quintet and Two Bass Drums)

  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen (World)

Commissioned by 6263 Wind Quintet

  • fl(Gfl.pic).ob(ca).cl(Bbcl.).hn(bd).bsn(bd)
  • 13 min

Programme Note

The musical material for this piece are mostly descending intervals which becomes larger. Minor second, major second, minor third, major third etc. This material shows the character of the instruments in different pitches. Being in the metaphor of birds. One instrument shows different birds in the different pitches. The first part of the piece the Clar., Obo and Fl. play staccato notes and the Horn and Bassoon play ascending major scales together with the banging on the Bass drums. In the middle of the piece the trio (clar., obo, fl.) play choral-like small melody lines brutally interrupted by the Horn, the Bassoon and the drums. In the last part the staccato playing starts again, but now by all instruments. The Horn and the Bassoon play the tone-row of intervals that becomes larger, but ascending. The trio in the middle plays descending tone-rows. As the piece go on, the drums get softer and softer, and all the instruments meets in unity.

Sunleif Rasmussen